Thursday, December 18, 2008

The 12 Ads of Christmas # 6,7, and 8

by Katrocket from Rocketradio

I am beginning to realize that if we don't start jamming up these 12 Ads of Christmas, well, we're not going to finish this stupid series. I solemnly promise to never again commit to a task I'm required to repeat at least a dozen times. I will admit it was an ambitious and arrogant dream for a blogger with such a brief attention span.

So, for the sixth, seventh, and eighth ads of Christmas, FTA brings to you:

Day 6 - Mac Vs. PC: Animated for the Holidays

John Hodgeman and Justin Long are back - in animated form - with a new series of ads for Apple. I'm not sure if this was a clever way to let these increasingly busy actors literally phone in their performances, or some kind of tribute to the Rankin/Bass holiday specials of the 60s and 70s, but I can tolerate this ad for one reason only: the bunny gets it.

More ads from this 2008 holiday series:
Mac Vs. PC singing with Santa
Mac Vs. PC trimming the tree

Day 7 - Fun With Female Insecurities

The cocktail party season pumps billions of dollars into the cosmetics and fashion industries, and because it's not enough that we blow our budgets on shopping, travel, and home entertaining - we go into debt so we can look really pretty doing all these things. Sorry gentlemen, but we don't do it just for you. The holidays are happier when those bitches at the office are wicked jealous of awesome you look. This 2007 holiday ad for Boots (a pharmacy chain in the UK and Canada) pretty much sums it up:

Day 8 - The Empty Promise of Peace on Earth

You know what, people? World peace is never going to happen, so I wish you'd stop harshin' my eggnog buzz with all this crap about sharing and caring. The last time I believed in that stuff was at age 10, performing "I'd Like to Teach The World To Sing" with the school choir. That was the year I began my tutelage in the fine art of profane comedy, when Gordie Grant taught me it's way more hilarious to sing "...and furniSHIT! with love..." instead of that awkward pause our teacher demanded. This classic Coca Cola ad from 1984 is a holiday redux of the famous Buy The World a Coke ad from 1971.


The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I've seen that Apple ad and I'm not sure that those are the real actors' voices. They sound a wee bit different, like they're impressionists or something.

pistols at dawn said...

Goddamn that I'd like to buy the world a Coke commercial. I was in Key West for a huge party they have there, and Dave Atell interviewed me for his "Insomniac" show. He'd just said some joke about strippers for charity organizations, and I added, "Sort of like, 'I'd like to buy the girls some coke?'" and he just said, "What?"

Curse you, uncaught pop culture references!