Friday, March 20, 2009

What Agency?

By Skylers Dad from Some days it's not worth chewing through the leather straps.

I know that the name of this blog is "Fire That Agency", but these two uber-awful spots could not possibly have an agency behind them. Even the worst Ad agency has to have just a molecule of dignity or an iota of creativity, doesn't it? Let's examine these two spots and I will let you form your own opinion.

Example #1 is an ad using a "Sports Star" to hawk his own BBQ Sauce. Oh how the Fridge has slipped through the years. From Super Bowl shuffle to pushing his own special sauce. If having William Perry sell something isn't enough, we see that no money was spared on the finest special effects and production values. I could hardly tell surfer boy wasn't actually hanging 10 at North Shore.

Example #2 is what I imagine all those old KGB guys from the Soviet Union are doing these days now that the cold war is over. They are over here continuing to torture the USA by subjecting us to really bad ads. Given the choice between the James Bond nad clubbing or repeated viewings of this next spot, I would honestly have to think it over!

Or, perhaps this guy isn't from the KGB, and was just a tad too close to Chernobyl?

Whatever, have a gander at Crazy Gideon:

Crazy Gideon's Insane Deals! - Watch more Funny Videos

What's you take? Agency, or a brother-in-law with a video camera offering his services?


dizzblnd said...

Those are the 2 worst commercials I have ever seen in my life! Neither want to make me run out and get what were they selling again>?

Oh yeah.. a cartoon house and some f8cked up electronics..
Nope no need for either

Good finds today ;)

katrocket said...

hahahaha! The Fridge can try as he might, but he's no Fleamarket Montogomery. Also: "This sauce is good." ---wotta tagline.

I laughed a lot at Gideon, though I think he's off his meds. He's got some classic lines - who can resist a sales pitch that tells you "there sometink wrong witha yo head!!!"

Well played, Skydad.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Ummm, there is no way I would step foot in that Crazee G place after seeing that! When did the golden rule become violence sells???

And the Fridge....he looks like he dropped a few pounds..he looks goooood!

And Kat you kill me! Fleamarket Montgomery is a cult classic in this house!!!

pistols at dawn said...

Fleamarket Montgomery is so popular with my friends that they honestly sit in communal spaces and grab people, asking them if they've seen MiniMall.

Still, this Fridge commercial is pretty awesome, and the surfer is probably my favorite part, mostly because I rarely have a great need for BBQ sauce whilst surfing (or hanging out in a cartoon house, mostly because that threatens the very fabric of my reality).

As for Crazy Gideon, why does he think that smashing stuff will make me want to buy from him? It just makes me think he's smashed everything already, and now he's trying to sell me damaged goods. And I only go for damaged goods when I'm dating, not when I'm buying shady electronics.

Just Dave said...

Oh, man, and I thought Goerge Foreman led the pack in bad sports figure acting.

And I think you meant the KGB, not the KKK. Them KKKs are still burning crosses down south.

SkylersDad said...

You are so right Dave, KGB it was supposed to be. I have corrected that.

Distributorcap said...

me thinks the fridge should go back to the gridiron