Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Boycott AT&T Over Offensive Ad!

The following is an open letter to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson:

Dear Mr. Stephenson,

The undersigned urge you cease airing the above television commercial known as "Falling for You."

It is deeply offensive since it causes viewers to get a little choked up when aired. This is uncalled for. With its sensitive acoustic music and clips of an adorable couple separated by distance, but kept in touch via your services - the commercial is almost too sensitive and sweet to bear.

And finally, when the guy texts a picture of his girlfriend as he walks up behind her? She runs to his welcoming arms as the commercial ends. We, the undersigned, do not need this type of sensitivity and emotion bringing us to tears every time we turn on the television.

Additionally, the commercial implies all men should do something sweet and sensitive for their significant others, placing undue pressure on the undersigned to live up to the commercial's adorable appeal. This is too great a burden for the undersigned.

We the undersigned will stage a full boycott of your services until this commercial is taken off the air.

The Undersigned


BeckEye said...

But it's most offensive because this one is just a ripoff of the one with "Sweet Pea" (a much superior song), except it's a couple instead of a Dad and a kid. You know, he takes pictures of his daughter's teddy bear everywhere and then finally takes a pic of it on their front porch and she's like "Ahhh, Daddy!"

choofy said...

hahahaha, so true

Guy Bertram said...

Boycott AT&T.

Now they are manipulating American Idol voting. You KNOW they are lying about it being "two in Arkansas" already.

Remember who rolled over they easiest when George W Bush wanted to spy on Americans without a warrant?

T-mobile is better anyway, and that INCLUDES you overpriced fragile iphone users without infrared or video recorder.

ÄsK AliCë said...

This commercial has left me with the idea that if my next boyfriend doesn't do something like that (grand gestures, I think it's called) he's getting the boot.

No wonder I'm single