Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Show Us The Love!

We'll be right back with the 12 Ads of Christmas after these important messages...

Fire That Agency! came online just two and half months ago, but your enthusiastic support has led to a nomination for a 2008 Drysdale Award for "Blog With The Most Stolen or Unattributed Material"

We're up against some very tough competition, specifically Skyler's Dad, who is a highly-respected international authority in the field of stolen or unattributed material. He's so accomplished, that he doesn't even need to write words to go along with the images and videos he steals, and most of the time he just repeats things that other people say on their blogs. It will be a challenge to beat him, and although Skyler's Dad is a cherished friend to FTA, we think the trophy would look waaaay better in our office.

Our hard-working Research Department tirelessly scans the net daily for the most heinous commercials, the funniest ads, and the finest masterpieces of marketing so that we can all sit around and bitch about them, so please show them your love and drop on over to Grant Miller Media and vote for us in the left sidebar.

Several of our staff writers have also been nominated for awards, further proof that we've assembled the very best bloggers to bring you the very worst on TV. Congratulations go out to:

Pistols At Dawn (7 nominations)- Blogger of the Year, Blog With the Most Pictures of the Blogger, Least Logical Political Argument in a Single Post, Most Pointless Blog Posts, Longest Posts, Worst Commenter, Blogger Whose Online Person is Cooler Than His or Her Real Persona

BeckEye (3 nominations)- Blogger of the Year, Blog With the Most Text-Messaging Jargon, Blurriest Photos,

Katrocket (2 nominations)- Blogger of the Year, Blogger Whose Online Person is Cooler Than His or Her Real Persona

Imaginary Reviewer (1 nomination) - Ugliest Blog

Cast your vote for your favourite FTA personality today!

...and many thanks to those of you who already have voted for us!


pistols at dawn said...

Man, nominating myself for a lot of categories really makes me look popular. I mean, I'm incredibly popular, and voting for me will allow some of that popularity to rub off on you, like a creepy guy on the bus.

And ever since the courts got involved, being in the Blogger of the Year competition is as close as I can get to Ms. Rocket.

Asphodel said...

Lol! Wow easy voting, it's nice to go to your linked polls and not be indecisive about whom to vote for without even having to go through blurry pics OR endless posts! Nice work heh!

i am playing outside said...

tsk tsk. not only did you interrupt the christmas flow, but then the next day theres no flow at all? and you think you deserve the votes? tsk tsk indeed! :P